Aerial Mapping
Drone — Fredriksen Maclean and Associates in Gladstone, QLD

Aerial mapping in Gladstone


We provide high-quality aerial mapping services in conjunction Mapvis P/L, our wholly owned company, that has the Casa Operators certificate 0568 and its own insurances for flight operations.

Fredriksen Maclean & Associates, Consulting Surveyors take the images and process them to produce a pointcloud of the site, an ortho mosaic of the site and contours.

We have the latest technology for aerial surveying, so you get what you need for your project when you use our services.
The use of a UAV/drone to undertake an aerial survey has great safety benefits. Machinery can continue working while the survey is being flown. There is no need to walk on unstable and dangerous surfaces like tailings and coal.
Coal stockpiles — Fredriksen Maclean and Associates in Gladstone, QLD
Aerial mapping provides greater efficiencies with large areas covered in a single flight of 20 minutes that could take a day using conventional survey techniques. Processing time is usually the most time consuming.

The UAV/drone is ideally suited to inspection of structures with difficult and dangerous access. An example is a project we did for the Gladstone Area Water Board inspecting the roof of their reservoirs across the region following the storm season.

If you have any questions or are ready to get started, we are here to help you with your aerial mapping needs and beyond.