Contour & Detail Surveying
Contour and detail surveying — Fredriksen Maclean and Associates in Gladstone, QLD

Contour & detail surveying in Gladstone


At Fredriksen Maclean & Associates, we understand prior to design you need spatial information. We have been offering contour and detail surveying in the Central Queensland area since 1988.
Since our founding date, we have been committed to only the highest standards of work, and this continues as we take on new customers.
Our team is enthusiastic and ready to help you with your project. When you work with our team, you get over 75 years of combined experience and professionals who know their jobs inside and out.
Properly planning using contour and detail survey information will make sure that you don’t experience any unpleasant surprises.
Surveying — Fredriksen Maclean and Associates in Gladstone, QLD

Scanning Surveying

In recent times, design professionals are increasingly working in a 3D model. Scanning existing buildings, conveyors, pipework, and shopping centres provides design professionals with a point cloud that can be used to enable alterations, identify conflicts with design pipework and model the existing structures.

In recent times we have undertaken, scanning projects at the Gladstone Hospital extension, two small sewerage plants and a conveyor at East Shores Stage 1B.

Our team of professionals understands their role in the scanning process and have the skills to scan your project without any unnecessary delays. Let us help you with your scanning needs. If you have any questions, you can give us a call, and we can answer them and help you get started today.