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Mining sector in Gladstone


We at Fredriksen Maclean & Associates understand the importance and significance of our work which is why we pay close attention to detail.

Our professionals bring a combined 75 years of experience to the table and can make sure that you get the information you need to plan your mining project properly.

We have worked in the mining sector since our founding in 1988 and continue to provide excellent service to our customers since we got started in the business over 31 years ago.
Our first project was the Kunwarara Magnesia mine in 1988 when exploration was in full swing. We still work at this mine today.

Volume Surveying

We usually use the latest UAV technologies to measure stockpiles and mine pits producing quite accurate volumes. The low-level imagery when controlled by targets improves the accuracy of volumes considerable.

Hydrographic Surveying

We have a small remote-controlled boat that we use for minor hydrographic surveys of dams and rivers. The echo sounder with its direct link to an RTK GPS unit gives us real time coordinates on the bed surface. This data can then be taken and compared with previous survey data to determine siltation, volume of storage and current volume of water.

Construction Set-Out

A set-out survey is one of the most important surveys you’ll do in your land development process. This survey positions the development infrastructure accurately. This action ensures the roads and services are in accordance with the engineer’s design.

Mining Exploration Surveys

Geologists undertake mineral exploration in remote locations. We as surveyors help them locate the underground mineralised areas by surveys of ground features and old historic workings, position and slope of core drills and seismic lines. All this data assists the geologist to map and assess the viability of mineral deposits.